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Greenlink is a little tool that helps you easily link to your Steam Greenlight™ project page. Users will see a nice widget or banner on your website and be driven to upvote your game!

Create a Widget!

Enter the URL to your Steam Greenlight™ project on Steam:

Provide your email and we'll send you a secret link to access the widget code + some analytics feedback on your widget:

What's it look like?

Example: for Bean's Quest


What's the point of this?

Steam have just launched Greenlight™ and it is already very populated. I was hoping there'd be an easy way to link to your Greenlight™ project page from your own website or on forums. A regular anchor link will do this but I believe a more consistent look for this type of branding will help grab your user's attention and drive them to upvote you!

What if Steam releases their own widget? Won't this become pointless?

Yes! And that'd be great. If Greenlink becomes completely irrelevant I'll arrange to provide every user with a method of downloading their data.

Who are you?

I'm an indie developer and one third of the Australian studio Kumobius. We've done pretty well on iOS and Android. We'd like to be on Steam and I created this tool to help encourge more votes for our product on Greenlight™. Our premiere game is Bean's Quest - an awesome platformer, feel free to upvote it if you appreciate what I've done here. We're also hard at work on our next game.


This website was built using CodeIgniter, part of Ellislab. Graphics on this page include icons from Glyphicons, background patterns from Luuk van Baars's "Shattered" and Cary Fleming's Black Twill


Got a question about Greenlink? Contact us at Kumobius here.